Get Hard-to-find Technical Books Here

This Vintage Tech Info website is my personal hobby project to make old or special technical publications available.

Let me ask you something. How much time have you already spent searching the internet for that detailed vintage technical information to get ahead with your project? How many times have you found answers on forums or other online sources which are incomplete or just plain wrong?
How many times did you wish you had the original technical documentation available to look up things?

Fact is, some of the original technical documentation is hard to get your hands on. It can be out of print for decades. Or so rare prices are out of reach. Or copies are not allowed because of the maker's intellectual property rights. Or the cost of re-publication is not feasible.

The technical publications on this website here are legit. You don't have to be worried you get an illegal copy. Sometimes I ask a contribution which is used to keep this website alive and to give the original authors their fair share. 

If you know of any publications that I can add, let me know.

Have fun!


Here's an example:
Craig Richter, two time national record holder racing Porsches, knows his stuff about hopping up Porsche 356 cars. Back in the '80s he published a book about this. Limited copies, long sold out, hard to find now. Not so long ago Craig agreed to re-publish his book digitally to make it available again. Since then Craig has been pleasantly surprised with the new appreciation for his work and the grateful responses from the 356 community. Hi-five!

What others say:

I have an original paper copy of Craig's book (autographed, no less) that I've read and re-read. Great stuff! I just got my download version so I have it at my side at all times. Don't miss the opportunity to get this book; even if you have no intention of making your old Porsche Fly, it's great reading!
Paul Lima, Porsche 356 Registry

Thanks, to all who helped make this happen. My old paper copy, now well worn, has been joined by the "E-copy", a great read, and contains some great illustrations of teaching aids, for the newer of us who have before been, un-informed... 
Mike Horton, Porsche 356 Registry