Vintage Tech Info


Vintage Tech Info is a hobby project.

The goal was to make out-of-print tech info available again. Valuable information for us hobbyists is getting unavailable if we don’t take action. Because of complex international copyright laws, re-publications are sometimes not possible. And because of the usually small audience, commercial publishers can’t re-publish because costs won’t be covered. Here we're happy when we just break even.

Craig Richter’s “How To Make An Old Porsche Fly” re-publication is the first result of the project. It makes useful information available again to Porsche 356 fans. And many of them have expressed that they greatly appreciate it.

Hopefully there will be more but it is a challenge. Not because the authors don’t want to re-publish. Most of them are very happy to make their work available again and get the recognition they deserve. The challenge starts when they don’t live anymore and someone else must give permission to re-publish.

Help to keep useful technical information accessible. If you know out of print technical publications that would be useful for others, please give a hint through the contact form. It might be feasible to re-publish digitally. And of you’re a copyright holder/author of an out of print technical publication, give more exposure to your work by re-publishing it digitally. Do it yourself or save yourself the work by re-publishing it via this website. Like Craig Richter you might be surprised how many people will love it!

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