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This web page is devoted to photographic cameras produced during the Soviet age. Copies and derivatives based on the Leica shutter. Our aim is to make easier a fast clasification of the cameras, basing on images in which the differences between the models are shown, and make easier in each case links with other web sites with a lot more of information.

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The advantages of using a subminiature camera are numerous:

Their size and weight make them easy to take everywhere.
People don’t believe it when you say, “I’m taking your picture”.
Their results are much better than you’d expect, especially with today’s films.
Their history is as fascinating as James Bond.
The cost of using them can be as minuscule as their size.
And best of all — you can still use these fine optical instruments!



S. K. Grimes Inc. provides specific solutions for photographers: Accessories, Repairs, Custom machining, and Modifications. These skills are useful to anyone needing inventive attention to unique problems. We enjoy a challenge!

We follow through, applying simplicity and ingenuity to technical problems, finding the most effective and practical solutions. Our experience usually allows a good result at a practical price, even in cases where others have failed.

Today, the idea of a unique custom solution is frequently “impossible”. In fact, unique problems have unique solutions. This site is a showcase of info and samples of some of those solutions.

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Lieber RoBoT Freund,

auf diesen Seiten haben vier engagierte Sammler ihr Fachwissen über eine faszinierende kleine Federwerkkamera aus Düsseldorf zusammengetragen, um es in einem einzigartigen virtuellen Museum der interessierten Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen. Erfunden in den 30er Jahren begleitet dieser Foto-Roboter die Geschichte der Fotografie bis heute auf vielen Einsatzgebieten.

Dabei sind die Produkte des Hauses ROBOT vielfältiger und innovativer, als gemeinhin bekannt. Zahlreiche Kamera-Modelle, Objektive und Zubehör-Teile werden hier vorgestellt.

Gleichzeitig verstehen wir Robot-Camera.de auch als Forum für den Austausch von Informationen und Anregungen: Senden Sie uns eine E-Mail mit Fragen, Kommentaren, neuesten Entdeckungen, Fotos usw… Ganz besonders interessieren uns ungewöhnliche Anwendungsgebiete und Anekdoten rund um den RoBoT.

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Antique Soviet Camera

Antique Soviet Camera resource for camera collectors.

Hi! My name is Valdis and I live in Ukraine. I am not very old, in any case, not like my Fatherland and my beautiful Rivne town. There’s nothing outstanding in my life, except for education, given to me by my beloved Parents. They also build up that base, which supports me in my everyday life, giving me strength and faith. I finished art school, have a higher education, has gone through inflations and perestroika. I like scubadiving, fishing, sport activity.

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” Great website with a treasure trove of info for photographers.” ” The Quality and Service has been 1st class and at such a moderate cost, far better to what we are use to here in the U.K. I shall certainly be purchasing again. Your web address is certainly going in my favorite sellers box. ”   Instruction Manuals for Cameras & Photographic Equipment reprinted publications show “how to operate” film cameras, flash units, lenses, projectors and darkroom equipment. Service & Repair Manuals for Cameras & Photographic Equipmentreprinted publications show the repairman “how to take apart, clean, lubricate and fix” film cameras, shutters, lenses and projectors. Focal Camera Guides from the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s hard to find camera guides covering rare & collectible cameras, their features, operation instructions and applications. Early Catalog Reprints and Technical ManualsGennert, Gundlach Korona, Borsum, Bausch & Lomb, Autocarbon Printing, Carbro Process, Bromoil and Transfer and more. Site Map | FAQ | Customer Comments           Your online photographic resource 321-626-4879 9am-7pm, EST Monday – Friday(no international calls) Email flpbks@localnet.com Copyright ©1993-2016. All Rights Reserved.

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