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Antique Soviet Camera

Antique Soviet Camera resource for camera collectors.

Hi! My name is Valdis and I live in Ukraine. I am not very old, in any case, not like my Fatherland and my beautiful Rivne town. There’s nothing outstanding in my life, except for education, given to me by my beloved Parents. They also build up that base, which supports me in my everyday life, giving me strength and faith. I finished art school, have a higher education, has gone through inflations and perestroika. I like scubadiving, fishing, sport activity.


Pinhole camera 4×5 formats Pi

The Lensless Camera Manufacturing Company is proud to offer you a line of hand crafted, made in America, pinhole cameras in various film sizes and focal lengths. Our standard cameras are made from 1/2″ 9 laminate birch (walnut stained with polyurethane finish) and have vertical and horizontal tripod mounts. Special order cameras are available in Mahogany and custom formats. Hardwood cameras are subject to market prices.




Olympus creates innovative digital cameras that open up new possibilities.
Both our interchangeable lens cameras, the OM-D series, with its built-in electronic view finder, and the lightweight PEN series have advanced mirror-less optics. Along with our compact STYLUS series they have established a new style to shatter preconceptions about digital cameras. Olympus is committed to creating products such as digital cameras and IC recorders that put the fun back into photography and sound recording.



The Praktina was the first 35mm single-lens reflex camera that offered the possibility of replacing lens, viewfinder, focusing screen, camera back and of mounting an electric motor.

Source: home page – a resource for photoethnographers

Introduction: I’m an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Yale University. My doctoral research in sociocultural anthropology has been on sign language, identity, civil society, and minority social movements in modern Japan. At Yale, I teach courses on queer ethnography, disability and culture, Japan Studies, and visual and applied anthropology.

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The International Photographic Historical Organization

The International Photographic Historical Organization

The best first resource for collectors and historians, providing information and articles on antique cameras, vintage classic cameras, and the history of photography, as well as appraisals, sales services, and public outreach programs.


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