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Photographica  has become a synonym for antique or collectable cameras and equipment. But it also includes other items connected with photography such as books, albums, or collections of photographs. ​

This is a directory of websites related to photographica only. Hopefully you'll be able to find websites about your favourite topic faster than with ploughing through irrelevant search engine results. I'm continuously updating the content so please keep checking back. And if you feel your website should be included (or left out) please don't hesitate to let me know through the contact form. 

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Explanation of categories:

  • BUYING/SELLING: photographica products and services
  • REFERENCE INFO: Collections (such as private collections or museums), Interest groups (such as clubs or forums), Literature, Websites with background information
  • PRODUCTS: physical products such as cameras or film rolls 
  • SERVICES: activities such as repair and maintenance

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Searching can also be done by clicking tags. Most websites are tagged with words that describe what they're about. For instance, clicking the tag "ALPA" will show all websites which are tagged with ALPA. Tags were generated automatically from what the designer of each photographica website has added as extra description. Because those descriptions don't always exist or don't describe the complete contents of a website, tags may not describe fully what the website is about.  So searching by tags will show less results than by using the regular search box.

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