1. What will I get when I download a digital copy?
    You'll get a scan of the original document in pdf format. The pdf format can be read by most devices: desktops, tablets, smartphones. In the unusual case that the file cannot be read, www.adobe.com provides a free Acrobat Reader that can be installed on many devices/operating systems.
  2. On how many devices can I have my digital copy?
    On as many devices as you like, as long as they are yours. Each digital copy has your name and order ID embedded, so please don't share it publicly because then your personal details are visible for everyone to see.
  3. What if it doesn't work or if I didn't get what I expected?
    Contact us through the contact tab on the website vintagetechinfo.com within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
  4. Are my credit card details safe with you?
    We don't collect or store your credit card details or any other payment details. Instead, we've partnered up with Fastspring Inc., a US company specialised in online order and payment processing. If you click a buy button on our website, you'll be redirected to them and we don't see any of your payment details.
  5. How can I contact you?
    Use the contact tab on the website vintagetechinfo.com and we'll usually answer you within 12 hours. Please allow for time zone differences - we're in Europe.