Deutsche Laufbildprojektoren by Herbert Tümmel and Jochen Hergersberg is THE reference book for antique and vintage German 35-mm and 70-mm projectors. 

The Ernemann Imperator started market dominance of Ernemann in Dresden in 1910.

In 1913 already 22 of the 28 cinemas at the Boulevard in Paris had these projectors. 10,000 projectors were produced by 1921, 15,000 by 1933 when production was halted.

This model was up to the harsh professional environment of the cinema scene, evidenced by some models still being in operation as late as 1979.


Herbert Tümmel graduated in 1937.
He worked as a cinematographic specialist for Zeiss Ikon and Ernemann/Zeiss Ikon in Dresden from 1932 onwards. In 1950 he became manager of the new Kinowerk of Zeiss Ikon AG and worked there until his pension in 1976.

Deutsche Laufbildprojektoren original

In 1986, the German Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek published 3000 copies on paper of the book. Long sold out.

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    59 Company histories: from AEG to Zeiss Ikon
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    326 Types of projectors: from 1896 until 1980
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    Packed with 200 detailed images
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    Collected titles of reference publications

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Deutsche Laufbildprojektoren

by Herbert Tümmel and Jochen Hergersberg - Digital Edition

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    You can download a few sample pages here to see what it's like. 

Here are examples of the contents. You can download a few sample pages here to see what it's like. 

"That looks really good - congratulations
Werner Sudendorf, Collections Manager Film Museum Berlin - Deutsche Kinemathek

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