How many time have you already spent trying to figure out details during your restoration project, or identifying an object in your collection? 

Original technical documentation can be very useful for such purposes. If you're lucky, public domain pre-1923 info can be found in the Internet Archive. But after that and up to the pre-internet period it's a different story. Original copies on paper can be out of print, hard to find and expensive. Re-publications may not exist because of costs, or because of complex international copyright laws. The result is that we're missing valuable information.

To do something about this, we've contacted original copyright holders (authors) to ask them permission to re-publish their work. That turns out to be an ongoing challenge. Not because the authors don't want to re-publish. Most of them are very happy to make their work available again and get the recognition they deserve. The challenges start when they don't live anymore and someone else must give permission to re-publish. Sometimes we had success and we're very grateful to have permission to re-publish a few valuable technical works. 

As time, funds, and agreements with copyright holders permit, we'll be adding more low cost digital copies of out of print technical publications. The proceeds of sales are split with the copyright holders.

Help others to access valuable information. If you know out of print technical publications that have useful information for others, please let us know. And of you're a copyright holder/author interested in letting us help to re-publish your work, please don' t hesitate and contact us! We'll do the work and it won't cost you a dime.